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Our free eBooks on this site are intended to help educate you on the individual steps of the Financial Triangle, the Triangle is to remind you what order you should be implementing your financial strategies.

Budgeting and Cash Flow

This series has described budgeting in 2 main parts. The first part is building your budget accounting for the income sources and expense sources which can be fixed or variable in nature. The budget is broken down into parts that you can control in the short term and parts you can control in the long term for you to see your options in adjusting your budget. The second part of the process is how to make changes to your budget and how to examine its various parts.

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Index Investing

Saving for the future is very important, but savings alone can make reaching your financial goals very hard. If every dollar you want to spend in the future – say, for retirement – you have to earn and hold on to first, it can make the idea of meeting your future goals seem daunting. To get ahead, we need to not just work ourselves and save from those paycheques, we need to get our money working too.

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Personal Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a scary word. It conjures up images of losing your home, destroying your credit, and other unpleasant thoughts. But it can provide relief from a crushing debt burden, so for some people it can be the right move.

Personal Bankruptcy: Read Now

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness insurance seems pretty straightforward – if you get a critical illness, you get paid a flat benefit. Unfortunately when it comes time to claim, consumers often find that they weren’t covered for what they thought they were.

Critical Illness Insurance: Read Now

Disability Insurance

What is it and how does it work? When it comes to insurance, Canadians simply do not have a good enough understanding of what their needs and options are. Insurance can be both confusing and boring, meaning that you likely have not invested the time to research what coverage makes the most sense for you and your family, or what risks you remain exposed to. While it’s highly likely that you have heard of life insurance, you may not have heard about disability insurance.

Disability Insurance: Read Now

Understanding Life Insurance

Life insurance is confusing to many consumers. What product is best? Should I get cash values? Is life insurance a good investment? It’s overwhelming and difficult to know even where to start. In this e-book we’re going to clear up that confusion. We’re going to break the problem down into specific steps and educate on each step.

Understanding Life Insurance: Read Now

Life Insurance as an Investment

The financial triangle has a variety of stages – cash flow, insurance, retirement savings, estate and tax planning, and speculative investing. Using life insurance as an investment falls squarely in the upper estate and tax planning level. That means that you should only start looking at using life insurance as an investment AFTER you have cash flow, insurance, and retirement savings all looked after.

Life Insurance as an Investment: Read Now

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This book is designed to help Canadians make better decisions about their money. We know there are already countless books and articles about saving and investing, but we believe this one is unique. For the first time, it brings together the collective experience of Canada’s foremost personal finance bloggers and online publishers, each of whom writes about his or her particular area of expertise.

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